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Deltacel International BV, your premier partner in international exhibition logistics with over 20 years of unrivaled experience.

As industry pioneers, we have proudly served major companies across diverse sectors including automotive, machinery, pharmaceuticals, IT, food, technology, and energy.

At Deltacel International BV, our extensive experience sets us apart. Over the past two decades, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence by delivering tailored logistics solutions that exceed expectations and drive success for our clients worldwide. From coordinating complex transportation routes to navigating regulatory requirements, our seasoned team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to ensure seamless execution every step of the way.

Whether you’re showcasing cutting-edge technology at a global trade show or launching a new product line in a foreign market, trust Deltacel International BV to provide comprehensive logistics support that meets your unique needs.

With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the intricacies of various industries, we’re committed to helping you achieve your exhibition goals with precision and efficiency.

Partner with Deltacel International BV for a truly personalized exhibition logistics experience backed by decades of industry expertise. Join our extensive list of satisfied clients and discover why we’re the preferred choice for companies seeking reliable and efficient logistics solutions.

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Signifies the company’s steadfast commitment to delivering consistent and trustworthy services to clients across the world.

Onsite handling


Highlights the company’s ability to streamline logistics processes and ensure smooth operations for expo events, maximizing effectiveness.

For trade fairs, events, festivals, roadshow, sport-events, congresses, seminars, workshops


Captures the company’s agility and adaptability in responding to the evolving needs and challenges of the expo logistics industry worldwide.

Logistics by road


Emphasizes the extensive knowledge and history accumulated by the company in handling expo logistics worldwide, showcasing its depth of understanding and proficiency in the field.

Logistics by sea


Highlights the company’s mastery and specialized knowledge in expo logistics, demonstrating its capability to provide unparalleled solutions and insights to clients globally.