Deltacel International bvba takes care of the logistical story around trade fairs, conventions and seminars all around the globe. In this respect, we distinguish between two target groups:


Anyone who participates in a trade fair wants to present themselves as attractive as possible. This requires a great deal of material. This has to reach the trade floor and has to be removed afterwards too. In addition, you would usually like to use the fair stand more than once. Therefore, packing simplicity and material protection are absolutely necessary.

You figured it out by now, Deltacel can provide all of these.

10 steps to a successful trade fair

  1. Deltacel International is organising the transport to trade fair location, including necessary transport and customs documents;
  2. Deltacel International receives the goods with paperwork on the trade fair location up to and including delivery at the stand’s location;
  3. Deltacel International removes all packing materials (such as empty cartons, pallets and wooden cases);
  4. Deltacel International stores the packing materials in a storage facility nearby;
  5. You build the stand;
  6. You man the stand during the fair;
  7. You disassemble the stand;
  8. Deltacel International delivers the empty packaging materials at the end of the fair;
  9. Deltacel International collects the packed goods at the stand;
  10. Deltacel International organizes the transport to the new destination, including all necessary documents.

Value adding services

When you want to transfer materials, you need to make them ready for shipment first. This is not a simple task. We can store the goods and make them ready for transport for you. We have every shipment checked thoroughly on packing and labeling. This way, you can be sure your goods arrive at the right place in good order.

In addition, we can accumulate all your trade materials in one place to put together new shipments you wish to send to different locations.


Anyone who organizes a trade fair wants to ensure that the stands and exhibition materials reach the fair location smoothly and easily. Therefore, being able to offer your participants a total logistical service is very convenient. The transport to and from your fair location is taken care of by one point of contact. This way, you eliminate many of their and your concerns.


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